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Default Databases Created in Sharepoint 2007

There are few DBs that are created by setup when you install moss and i thought to share little bit of information to improve understanding of their purpose.

The first is SP Config DB It contains the top level schema of everything in the farm.  It contains a list of the global settings and configuration of the farm.  When you’re on the operations tab, you are making changes in the config database.  It understands what services are running where, so it can essentially determine servers by role and determine where the packages should be deployed.  The config db knows all of the server names of the servers in your farm, databases, and it knows the web applications by name.  Even down to the site collection, it keeps track of what site collections are in what databases.  What about subsites or subwebs?  No entry.  That’s another reason that site collections are the atomic unit.  They are ultimately listed in the config db which gives them portability. Without this database there is no Sharepoint.

SP Config DB

SP Config DB

Then here SP Content DB this is the content database for the first user based web site in Sharepoint. Before the users can actually use Sharepoint a “Web Application”, Site Collection and Site must be built. This database stores all the information generated within this web application. The AllDocs, AllDocStreams, and AllDocVersions in combination contain information about all the files stored and uploaded in any list.  You can get additional meta data and content type information in other tables including context information like webs and sites.  But the BLOBs are in that ALLDocstreams table.

SP Content DB

SP Content DB

Other DBs that are being used by moss are:

Sharepoint_AdminContent_GUID – sharepoint uses its own technology to render the web based admin console for Sharepoint. Therefore it needs it’s own content database to stored the configuration settings for the web parts used. The actual data configured using this console is stored in the config database for the farm. The name for this database is system generated and cannot be controlled during the installation process and therefore it ends with a GUID.

SharedServices_DB – during the configuration process a SPP is defined to configure all the Shared Services used by Sharepoint. All the Configuration settings for these services are stored in this database. The name of the database can be controlled during the creation process and should be descriptive of the purpose.

SharedServicesContent – just like the admin console the SSP also needs a web site to allow you to configure the shared services and these also use web parts and lists. Therefore the SSP also needs its own content database to store these settings.

SharedServices_Search_DB – this database is used by the Enterprise search service to store metadata about the information crawled including security information. This is typically used for information stored external from Sharepoint.

WSS_Search – this database is used by the WSS core components to store metadata about content stored inside the Sharepoint web application content databases. This is created during the installation process.

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