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Using Web Services in Infopath 2007 and Deploy it in MOSS 2007

i will share few important things when working with IP and SP; first let me show you how to access and use a simple web service in IP and then deploy  the IP doc to SP.

1. Create a simple web service with the default “Hello World” web method and deploy it

2. start IP and design a simple form and select the below settings


3.  select the first option of Receive and Send

4. Enter the SP site url and follow the below sequence






tcp-settings011After this just drag the fields to the designer; first field is the input parameter and other one is output.

tcp-settings012The form is almost ready to be saved and deployed to SP. Recheck the settings of the form by going to Tools->Form Options. Check for “Security/Trust” for Automatic option and “Compatibility” for Design a form template to be opened in browser.

your SP site should have a IP list library or it can be created by SP during the publish wizard. Now just publish the IP form to the SP site and dont do anything on the 2nd last page of the wizard. It will look like this

tcp-settings014Its so easy to create and deployInfopath to SP. Hope it is of some help

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