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How to: Install Netgear WG311v3 Wireless Driver in Win7

I must express my pain in figuring out the way of setting up netgear wg311 driver in win7; i dig out google and many forums but could not find genuine and working solution except few posts claiming that they got it work but when i tried their ways then i faced failure.

As of now netgear claim that they dont have tested driver of wg311 wireless adapter for win7.

This fix is when you want to setup wireless before cable connection. So as a part of testing i did few tweaks and this time it worked for me.

1. I setup a fresh box with win7 7600. During setup my beetel 450bxi modem+router device was off.

2. After logging for the first time i switch on the router

3. I wen to properties of wg311v3_3_1_setup.exe and under Compability tab i opted for VistaSp2 and Run as Admin’tor

Capture_0013. Then i completed the installation and this time setup worked fine for me.

4. Setup asked me to to choose netgear or windows for wireless operations so I opted for win7 to perform this.

5. I also removed NETGEAR WG311v3 Smart Wizard link from Start Up folder

This fix is when you want to setup Wirless after setting up cable connection. Below steps worked for me

  1. Enable Wireless with security settings in your modem/router
  2. Follow above #2 and #3 steps
  3. Shut down the machine
  4. Take out the neatgear card from the socket and then put it back
  5. Remove the network cable; switch on the machine
  6. login and windows will either automatically install the driver or will ask you to verify the installation
  7. enter the security information and your wireless connection should work

I hope above steps may be of some help.

  1. dkconor
    October 22, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Thankyou SO MUCH!

    I was tempted to waste more money on buying another Wireless Card.


    I can’t thank you enough,


  2. October 24, 2009 at 5:54 am

    im glad it helped you in some way

  3. jeffreyx0
    October 28, 2009 at 5:13 am

    wow wow wow wow thanx i lot…..
    i was using someone usb wifi so i can get to the internet…. and thax to you now i can give back his usb wifi….. thanx man….

    Windows 7 rc hacked

  4. dkconor
    April 4, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Gosh, long time. Glad I have got this website bookmarked on my laptop. I would like to say thanks again for the help this site had given me.

    I have another question for you Bhavtosh, I’m reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium now, however, I’ll be using a 64-bit version. I’ve got my other drivers planned out, however I’ll need to see if this will work in the 64-bit version of Windows. If it doesn’t how can I switch off driver signing in my BIOS or the Windows Interface? This is gonna be my first time installing a 64bit version of Windows. Thanks again.

  5. mikethk
    September 21, 2010 at 12:55 am

    Oki first. I wanna verify this: The WG311V3 wireless adapter works in Win7 64bit with this driver: wg311v3_3_1

    How: I didnt do it as bhavtosh here did it. Here is my way.

    1. Install the driver as nothing is different. It wont show you that the driver is installed when done, but you will get the shortcut on desktop as it is installed.

    2. Go to device manager, right click this “not verified” network device. Now say “update driver software” and “search automatically for updated driver software”. This should begin installing the driver more correctly than before. You will notice the sign for this device will change now in the device manager.

    3. Now its all installed and you only need to get rid of win7 64bit “driver signature” which wont allow you to use this program. The simple way is to restart your computer and press F8. You will get a menu there where you can disable this driver signature. It will only work for this boot, so you have to it all the time you reboot.
    Now when you enter Windows it will install the rest and gief acces to internet.

    1. Step 1 needs to be done. I couldent do step 2 and forget about step 1.
    2. You might be able to install the driver normally by just doing step 3 before installation. And then not do step 1 and 2.
    3. Theres alot of examples on how to remove “driver signature” but non of them works but F8. But i believe this link could terminate the use of F8 at each reboot. I havent tried it, but i might return with more info on this: http://forums.jungleflasher.net/index.php?topic=42.0

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