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How to calculate hours for a task in MS Project?

If you want to make your planning and estimation little easier then you can add a Custom Field Column in project that will calculate the total hours for a task and group of tasks.

to achieve this start project with new plan and the basic screen that you will see is below

Step 1

Now right click on Start column and add a new Field, like you see in below snapshot

Step 2

Now right click on newly added column and select Customize Fields. Also notice that i selected Formula option and the other option of Sum for a group of tasks like you see below

Step 3Now click on Formula button and just enter [Duration]/60 that you see below

Step 4

where, 60 is value for 1 minute i.e. 60 seconds [MS project does all calculation in seconds :)]

Click ok to messages and now you will that your newly addes column shows the total hours for a task as well as for a group too. This is how the final screen looks like

Final step

But one thing i observed is when you change the timings in calendar from 7 hours a day or 8 houres or so then project changes the value of duration column but the Custom Field values remains proper.

Use the Organizer (Tools > Organizer) to copy the custom field to Global.mpt. Each new project created from that point forward will have the formula in the field.

Hope it helps someone šŸ™‚

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