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rsServerConfigurationError in Reporting Services 2008…

This solution will work for those who installed the following on single machine or virtual environment:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Reporting Services
  • MOSS 2010

Two points to recollect:

Firstly, you installed all above on single machine

Secondly, while configuring reporting services via RS configuration manager; the default user that is selected under Service Account is *network service*

And I also had the same above configuration on my machine but I was not able to access Rerporting Services link as I was getting rsServerConfigurationError error

I also went thru a terrible time and pain while looking for a solution and after hitting over 100 links on Google and then i thought to try something new on Central Admin site of SharePoint and i clicked *Add a Report Server to the Integration* link under Reporting Services section which is under Central Administration  -> General Application Settings (2nd last link on left pane)

The page displays information about the server name which was selected while installing MOSS and SQL.

I didn’t change anything and I clicked Ok button and J after a while I found the solution.

In this case Network Service account by default expects the authentication to done as if MOSS is installed on a Farm. Since this is a single machine environment hence you need to change the configuration of reporting services via RS configuration manager.

So open RS config manager and after connecting RS; click on left side *Service Account* and select the 2nd option *Use another account* and enter the admin user details

The moment you change the setting and click Apply button; then click *Database* on left side and configure the same username details thru the wizard

Stop and Start reporting services and click http://<yourservername>:80/Reports

It should work and I hope above info may have helped you.

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