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Increase .vdi file size in Virtual Box

This is for those who are using virtual box on windows operating XP or higher

Sorry for very brief article bur running short of time and want to publish this one before going offline.

By any chance if you have a fixed sized .vdi file and running short of space and want to increase the file size then follow the below steps to achieve the success.

1. Search for “CloneVDI” tool in google and download version 2 or later

2. Start the downloaded application and select the .vdi file you want to expand

3. Do not change the new file name at this time; which you can change later

4. Under section options select the following choices:

  • Generate new UUID

  • Increase the virtual drive size to: enter the new space size in GB

  • Increase the partition size

Click Proceed button; it will take some time to finish

5. Download .ISO file of gparted version 0.8.0

6.Goto virtual box manager -> select the file and click settings

7. Goto storage tab and right click Sata Controller section on right side; select the cloned file created at step 2

8. Now right click IDE Controller section and select the gparted ISO file and click ok

9. Start the selected environment in order to choose and apply the expanded .vdi file. During setup the gpart environment should load itself and if not then make sure  that it is done

10. While gpart loads there will be a screen asking to make a selection related to “keyboard”; dont change anything and just enter and continue

11. Then you will be prompted for default language and i assume that yours english so just press enter and continue

12. You will be prompted to load what mode of gpart to load; again here just press enter and Gpart will finally load

13. Now on top right side of the gpart window you will see a list box containing two partitions; the one with small file size and big file size.

14. Select the partition from the list box that you want to copy and then in the iddle of the screen you will the visual details of the selected partition; right click over the partition and select Copy

15. Now select the new partition and right click in the detail pane and select Paste

16. On the main toolbar select Apply and wait for a while gpart copies the partition to the expanded one

17. Once the operation is completed; right the expanded partition and select Flags options; select “boot” and click ok

18. Close the virtual box environment and before restarting it; goto settings and remove the .ISO from IDE controller and remove the old .vdi file

19. Now restart the environment and windows will run chkdsk and will boot with no issues

20. Goto windows explorer and check the disk space 🙂

  1. November 5, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Thanks so much for this detailed step-by-step how-to. I was successfully able to increase my 8GB Debian vdi to 12GB. Running ‘df -h’ shows the new disk space.

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