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Windows 8 x64: How to Install Netgear WG311v3 Wireless Driver

November 1, 2012 3 comments

As usual by default 64 bit Windows 8 does not allow any digitally unsigned driver to load in memory.

Here are the steps to follow in order to have your driver installed and working properly. It would run fine using official Netgear v3.1 drivers if I only had 2Gb of RAM but you can also get your WG311v3 working with more than 2Gb of RAM. Install your netgear WG311c3 setup and then you’ll need to download and extract the Marvell v1.0.0.53 driver from here.

1. Once above done, then you need manually install the driver by force. So go Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager. Here you’ll see a list of all your devices. You should see a little exclamation mark next to your Netgear WG311v3. Right click on this and select “Update Driver Software…”. Now select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Choose “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer”. Click “Have Disk…” and browse for the file MRVW13C.sys (64-bit).

2.  Install ReadyDriverPlus and follow the wizard; if you are not sure about the options then do not change anything and install with default settings. This will enable windows to boot without “signed driver” option. This step is important

3. Restart windows now; you will notice some screens will appear and automatically windows will load with settings “disable the signed driver” option

4. Once windows starts; you will notice that netgear setup continues; select your geo region and you will see the networks you can connect to.

hope it helps you fellows out there :)